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Information about howhigh

How it works

How it Works & FAQ

This section contains:

Info for sellers     Info for buyers      FAQ

For Sellers

1. Simply register with your email address to post an item(s) to sell.

2. Fill in the details for the item(s) being sold.

3. Post your item(s) for sale to the marketplace.

Buyers may contact you with questions about your item(s) via the direct message feature on your product listing page(s).

For Buyers

1. Simply register with your email address for access to all listings in the marketplace.

2. Click the 'Buy' button on the product listing page if you are ready to begin the buying process with the seller. You can send a direct message to a seller if you have questions about a product.

3. Select from the list of available payment, delivery, and pick-up options to complete your purchase.

**Always be sure to use your best judgment when arranging for local pick-up with a seller or buyer. It is suggested to meet during the daytime in public spaces where there are other people to ensure the utmost caution for local transactions.**


Can I sell and/or buy cannabis or medical marijuana in the howhigh global marketplace?
Selling and buying cannabis or medical marijuana is not allowed in the howhigh global marketplace.

Do I need a professional selling account to sell items in the howhigh global marketplace?
No. You can sell up to 30 products per month without subscribing to a professional selling plan. If your business sells more than 30 items per month, you need to register for a professional selling plan. Professional selling plans can be paid monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, or annually. 

Why should I list my items for sale in the howhigh marketplace as opposed to other marketplaces and retailers?

Aside from free listings and zero monthly fees, vendors benefit by selling in the howhigh marketplace because it offers cannabis-related products and services only. This is advantageous for you as a seller because your products do not get lost among listings for similar items in unrelated product categories, like housewares or kitchen and dining, for example. Likewise, buyers do not have to sift through thousands of products that are unrelated to cannabis, making it an optimal shopping experience.

Free product listings, zero monthly fees, and low transaction fees means that you get to keep more revenue in your pocket.

Which payment providers does howhigh use?
Enjoy processing secure transactions with Stripe and Paypal! With Stripe and Paypal, buyers can make purchases using their bank account, various branded cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and many others. Sellers can choose to accept payments made via Stripe, Paypal, or both. Sellers do not have to accept online payments and may choose to sell their products and services to local buyers only and collect payments in person.

What are howhigh's seller fees?
Cheaper than Amazon, eBay, and Etsy!

Listing fees: What are THOSE??!! There are no listing fees for sellers, which means that you can sell 1 product or 1,000 products without being charged extra - meaning more revenue in your pocket!

Transaction fees: Sellers pay a transaction fee of 6% or $0.25 of the purchase price after shipping, whichever is greater. The transaction fee applies only to transactions made using the online payment function.

Monthly costs: Vendors who sell more than 30 items per month must subscribe to a professional selling plan and pay the $29.00 monthly fee. The monthly fee is discounted depending on how many months in advance the seller agrees to pay. Please click on the four different plan types at the top of any page on this site to determine how much you can save when choosing a professional selling plan.

Transaction Fee Examples

Final Cost for Product/Service
Transaction Fee
Seller Pays

What are howhigh's buyer fees?
howhigh does not charge buyers a fee of any kind. Sellers can charge buyers a shipping fee to deliver item(s) that are sold to the buyer in the howhigh marketplace.

What are your terms for disbursing payments?
Enjoy automatic deposits for Paypal payments, which are disbursed to you as soon as the buyer completes the transaction. Payments processed by Stripe are delayed until one of the following occurs:

a. The transaction is manually marked as completed by the buyer.


b. The transaction is automatically marked as completed by the system after 3 days (this Stripe enacted policy ensures an equitable transaction process for both vendors and buyers).

Can I bring my current customers to the howhigh global marketplace to buy my products?
Of course! Keep more revenue in your pocket by selling your products and services in the howhigh marketplace. After you list a product(s), simply share the link(s) to your products on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or other direct communication so that your customers can easily find your items to purchase.

Do you offer bulk uploading of products?
Currently, you can only upload one product at a time however, you can enter the 'quantity available', 'available colors', 'size(s)', 'detailed item description', and other variation information, which eliminates the hassle of uploading the same product type multiple times. Bulk upload is a very efficient tool and when this feature becomes integrated, you will be notified via email.

Where is howhigh located?
The howhigh global marketplace operates 100% online and was founded in the U.S.A.

What is Canndid?
Canndid is Our Global Cannabis Feed - a cannabis-related user forum for sellers, buyers, and other cannabis community members and is only accessible from the howhigh global marketplace. Even if you are not buying and/or selling products in the marketplace, we welcome you to participate in traditional and unique discussions with like-minded individuals from around the globe. Just click on the 'Canndid Forum' link at the top of any page. You must first create a Canndid Forum account to participate in any of the forum discussions.

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